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By Staff

Whats in a Name ?Naming and renaming is an endless controversy in India. Karnataka is no exception. This time two issues have cropped up.

1)Even before Bangalore International Airport project takes off, Naming of the Airport is flying high.

2) Deputy Commissioner of Karwar District Mr. Nilay Mitash Has suggested Ravindranath Tagores name for Karwars peaceful Beach. He is collecting public opinion.

By what name do we call these two important landmarks in Karnataka?

Readers here emphatically assert "No politicians name, No religious leader name please"

What do you feel ?

Here are some responses;

These incidents happen only in karnataka !

I remember this very well. Abbu [K.T. Chandrashekar] mentioned this once,when he narrated how Kannada and Karnataka got in to A.N. Krishnaraos mind.

Incidentally, You must be aware, inspite of this Anakru named his first son
as "Ravindranath" and recommended Kalakshethra to be named as "Ravindrakalakshethra" in rememberance of the National figure Tagore! . This shows the greatness and genorasity of a kannadiaga though being humliated.

Even I have traveled extensively all over the country. I have seen Calcutta, Mumbai, Newdelhi, Chennai Airports are named after Subash Chandra Bose,Chathrapathi Shivaji, Inidiragandhi, Kamaraj [domestic] and Anna
[International] respectively, honoring their heroes.

You dont find Gujarat shakthi kendra in Gujarat, Malayaali RaNadheera padein Kerala., Telugu chaLuvaLi in Andhra. Why there are n numbers of Kannadaassociations fighting for the language/land cause in karnataka?

It is true that one can find Rajaji Nagar, Kamaraj road, D. Bhaskaran road,Armugam circle, Murugesh Palya, Thambuchetty Palya in Bangalore but you wont find atleast a Kannada newspaper, magazine in border Hosur town.

Recently a dispute reported at a Belgaum village displaying a boardindicating that village belonging to Maharashtra State.

The above incidents can happen only in Karnataka!

Kuvempu said to Kannadigas " ellaadharu iru emthaadharu iru emdhemdhigunee kannadavaaagiru". In my opinion this was well understood by only anon-kannadiaga lot, as you can see this phenomenon is adopted by them"creating ROME wherever they ROAM."

Kannadigas should realize, if they dont follow this rule atleast inkarnataka there wouldnt be any history for the future kannadigas! toremember anything about kannada / karnataka Culture.

Shri Ravi bale has made efforts with his articles on this issue makingKannadigas aware of their responsibility. I strongly oppose of "Karwara"beach being named after Tagore. Let us support this in favor of akannadiaga.



Call it Vijayanagar international Airport

Dear Sir/Madam,

Having traveled around the globe and enjoyed a variety of wonderful,culturallysignificant (sometimes hard to pronounce) local names. here is mysuggestion, forour new airport;


This name would carry our wonderful heritage as well as user friendly to


Anil Kumar

Karantha or Dinakara desai and Kempegowda

  1. Karavaarada kadala thirakke "shivarama kaaranta" athava "dinakardesai :
  2. Antharaastriya vimana nildanakke "kempe gowda" hesaru idabeku.

    Vinay Gaonkar
    San Jose, USA
Thanks for bringing this matter up

We have already set a wrong precedent by naming airports, bus-stands, parks and universities after politicians. This takes a turn when the other partyassumes power and goes on.

I feel its most relevant to name these after great scientists, literary giants, historic personalities and even sports icons. One thing to keep in mind, we must consider the local factor while doing this. I have my suggestions for the as follows Bangalore Int. Airport -

  1. Kiththoor Chennama
    2) Pulikeshi
    3) Kempegowda
    4) Vidyaranya

    Karvar Beach -
  2. 1) Dr Rajaramanna
    2) Dr Shivarama Karantha
    3) Dinakar Desai

    Hope we will be able to mobilize a movement over this and make our heroes names household.

    Thanking you Once again

Thanks for starting this debate before it….

Dear Kannada

Have some names without controversy !!!
Can we name it with a Kannada name with out controversy, as
1. Karna International Airport (As a short name for Karnataka and also with the meaning of SUN God)

2. Pampa International airport ( Do you want me to explain - who is Pampa ?)

3. Hoysala International Airport ( U Know Hoysala right ?)

4. Vijayanagara International Airport [ In the memory of Krishna :-)

Regarding religion and Political parties,
If Gowda community wants - Kempegowda or Kuvempu,
Lingayats will ask for - Basavanna or Akkamahadevi,
Jains will ask for - Bahubali or Mahaveera
Muslims will ask for - Mohamed or Ahamed
Christians will ask for - Jesus, Infant Jesus etc.
Sikhs will ask for - Guru Gobind
Brahmins will ask for - Shakara or Sharada or Raghavendra


Cong - i people will ask for - Nehru or Indira or Rajiv or even Sonia
JD/ BJP will ask for - Jayaprakash narayan
AIADMK will ask for - MGR or Jayalalitha
Maratis will ask for - Sivaji

Thanks for starting this debate before it become a controversy

Sadan Kumar

Kannadigas are poor in marketing

I did not get any response to my letter to the authorities in Banagalore.

But Sri Shyama Sundara has even translated the note into Kannada and put itas an article in his Kannada Indiainfo site. As regards my expressionsabout Bangalore Airport, he has put it in Indiainfo (english site) whichgenerated some responses (under debate section, I think). Some evenagreeing to my suggestion but stating that the airport should be named afterShankara(acharya)- not knowing that Shankaracharya was a malayaali!

I had just now read this news item about Karawar Beach. Tagore might havepraised the beach once upon a time. I certainly do not agree about thisproposal. Firstly, Tagore is already well remembered and it makes nodifference to his stature whether you chose his name or not either for thebeach or anywhere in India. We can consider it an honour if some square inNew York is named after an Indian like him - Kannadiga or non-Kannadiga!

Secondly, there must be many local figures or state figures - YashwantChittala, Gowreesh Kaaykini, Vyasaraya Ballal like writers, etc., orKadamba/Mayoora Varma/Sharma like warriors who had his capital in nearbyGoa, or Dr. Raja Ramanna like scientists , or Dr. Krishnanada Kamath likehistorians .... who may never be remembered.

I dont know how to make these ideas reach the Karawar authorities.Indiainfo perhaps can. Our authorities usually get carried awayif a national personality praises us. naavu thumbaa udhaarigaLu -bEreyavarige, namagalla (manege maari - Urige upakaari)!

I am sure that whole of West Bengal will not have a single Kannada name,should it matter at all. In fact, there are more naming of Tagore,Vivekananda, Chatterjees, Mukherjees, etc., outside Bengal than insideBengal ! They also go for more local personalities. This is calledmarketing. We are the poorest in such marketing compared to thepotential we actually have in all fields.

With regards,


This reminds me of Anakru

This reminds me of an incident, which Anakru quoted in his biography "Barahagarana Baduku".

Once when young A.na.kru was studying at "Shantiniketana", there was a function in which many famous writers from all over the India participated. Anakru was wondering who would have the honour of making the first speech. Then, Ravindranath Tagoor stood up and said " Let my Bengali friend .... speak...".

A.na.kru writes in his book that he never expected such a partiality from a person like Ravindranath Tagoor. This incident made A.na.kru more patriotic towards kannada & karnataka. (It was also a reason why he left "Shantiniketana" later.)

It is unfortunate that Karawar authorities want to name the beach in Tagoors name while we have more talented & patriotic people in our own land such as Shivarama Karanth (who was also called "Kadala Theeradha Bhaargava" ) whose name makes more sense for the karwar beech.

I expect kannada.oneindia.com to not only give wide publicity to this issue but also take it to the concerned people.


Place set up a poll

I read the article about naming the Karwar beach after "Tagore", I firmly believe this is not fair.. It should be named after a Kannada writer, as many names would make sense, (like Karanth, kuvempu etc).. The reason that his brother was here for one year in 19th century is a laughable one.. also I guess the district official is from Bengal..

I request you to set up a poll on this..

Swami Kannadigare…

Swami Kannadigaru nachike padabeku. Ella vishayadallu bereyavara enjalutinnuvudakke navu kannadigaru saalinalli nintiddevendu anisuttade.

Kannada naadinalle kannada hesariduva charche naderede, Nimma maneyallinimma makkalige oota hakabeko atava pakkada maneyavara makkaligeoota hakabeko emba prasneyannu uttarisi.

Dayavittu ella kannada naadinalli iruva stalagaligu, rastegaligu Kannadahesarugallanne idi. Nimmasamskrutiyannu neeve kapadabeku.

Bereyava Rajyadallu bereyava deshadallu ee Prashne Baruvude illa.


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