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By Staff
--> ಓದುಗರ ಓಲೆ
Dollar Mania

Our Readers Think

Thinking is your birth right ! Exercise now

Everyone likes to amass more dollars. Thats fine. But are those dollars everything in our lives? Dont you think we need to pay some thing back to the society ? And this is what WE have to say in response to the views expressed in this posting Dollar Dominates

Why they bother about their bank balance ?

Dear Editor,

I am also coming across same type of characters in my life, I was in Bangalore. During those days some of my friends were in UK & Luxemburgh, After they came back from there I saw that only one person who came up in life on his own will without even any help from his family I mean including monitory problem was the only person who was not effected with money, others one says that oh!! When these people leave this bad habits of pissing in public, as if he was seeing India for first time, and other fellow was acting like he is the busy person in life and other peoples time is not having any value at all.

Presently I am in Seoul, Korea and yesterday some of us had been to visit places away from Seoul, its cost was just around 40$, but our colleague (Indian) left out. He says that he felt it is 8$ and agreed for that before, can you imagine a trip in 8$ for around a travel of some 600700 kms round trip, how many people is having a chance of visiting the places around the world, and i too dont know why people are more concerned about their bank balances.

Sorry for boring you writing these things, really a good column, but how many people learn from reading this is a question of 1000$ ???


Second generation would not do this

Hi Editor,

This article reflects the mentality and behavior of most of the first generation on Indians. May be the second generation on Indians would not do this. I do not understand why we behave like this. Our scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita does not say this or the saints preached it this way. We may be like this because of fear.

I like to give another such example of money minded behavior. This is the story of a religious person. The person in the town I live is very wealthy and retired. He has got retirement income and also gets six figure income from rental properties. I thought he would give generously for temple. When approached for donation he promised for $1000.00 after long conversation.

Not all the Indians are like this. There are some who give generously for both Indian cause and American cause. I do not want to give names. But in this town we have some doctors and professors both participate and donate for our mother lands and adopted land.


Sure...I dont give my money

Dear kannada editor,

I do not want to part with my hard earned Rupees to anyone. I am always worried because always afraid the money will not reach the needy. Especially in India the agencies and the middlemen and the beaucrasy are experts in dwindling HOLY MONEY. Ex : Kargil. No one knows how much money is collected. Who actually benefited out of this loving contributions from public ? Always a mystery to me. In India nothing is accounted for.

I am very sorry



Many times I wonder why these people are like this!

Most of the people will always be talking about making atleast 1 crore of rupees. I often ask, why do they need 1 crore. The answer is Aaramagi iroke at least 1 koti beku. So nobody, even their kith and kins are not happy in India, I suppose! Because they dont have atleat, Ondu koti. Many guys earning very good salaries started giving sermons on capitalism, and Indias corruption etc..(totally irrelevant subjects), when I asked them to spare one $ for a scholarship fund I am trying to institute in my village school.

Many times I thing, probably God also is miserly towards India, and hence we are always poor. Poor in money, poor in character, poor in values, and poor in strength.

God blesses India.


Hi, Lakshmikanth,
This is a really an eye opener Article. I do agree with every word you have written...


Dear editor,

Lets face the reality; Indians are aware but not serious of the phrases - "Give and Take", "Good Samaritan", "Nothing is for free" and the like. I hope this article would open up so many closed minds not especially in the wake of recent attacks…

Whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not, we are all dependent. One has to help the other, sooner the better – that’s the fundamental equation of survival. I believe every event triggers a chain reaction so we are better off to spread good deeds than its counterpart.

We are so self-centered. It takes many lives till we succeed, to clear the debts of many, many hundred years. I would like to appreciate this article as well as the following if I may, as it contains so much of truth:


There are so many people in the world like this

Dear Editor,

Absolutely it is shameful. But there will be a day one could understand the futility of his earnings!!!. Such people will lean about it when they fell ill, but that will be much late, then they will not get any moment to spend .... It is not only in the case of dollar, when u are physically well also u will be able to do much for others.

Even though I have a concern that, the man refused to donate will not be a Muslim, because a Muslim could not do so. Because Islam highlights importance of charities in an esteemed manner.

Further, an Indian must be much aware of poor and needy because every moment Indians come across needy, poor, destitute........... than an American. Do u may aware that, items values millions are destroyed in railway stations, millions moved to "chor bazaar" soon after the earthquake in Gujarath, which were actually donated by people with good heart!!! such things will happen only in India !!!

Our social/political system, media, religious leaders, government.... All are responsible for growing such a narrow mind of public, it must be irradicated.Generosity of one will spread to ten,.... So keep up your charity and action dont be disappointed. God may grace.

With regards
Abdul Majeed
Saudi Arabia

Remember kargil…

You are correct. I am writing this letter from kuwait. I know many people, same like your friend when India face kargil problem



We just have to take the responsibility

Hi All,

I totally agree with Mr.Lakshmikanth. I have seen many Kannadigas who think its inferior to talk in Kannada and they talk in English with people from Karnataka. It doesnt matter if its in the office.

Also, I think some dynamic marketing strategy should be taken by very popular artistes (Dr.Raj, Vishnu, Ananth Nag, Upendra, Ravichandran, and Ambarish) in promoting Kannada movies. I think atleast a couple of them should take the responsibility of doing it, if they want to serve the Kannada film industry.

Kannadigas from all aspects of life should stand up for the cause of Kannada and eradicate the problems surrounding it. All of us can contribute towards this. We dont have to do anything extraordinary. We just have to take the responsibility of spreading our language with the people we come in contact with. Instead of doing this, if we just wait for someone to come and show us the way, we would be left far behind. Please remember that "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". This message is for those kannadigas who think that speaking in Kannada makes them feel inferior.

I hope every one of us who have atleast read these feedbacks take a small step and contribute towards rejuvenating our Kannada language.

Sanjay, Michigan.

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