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ನಮ್ಮ ಓದುಗರೇನೂ ಕಮ್ಮಿ - 3

By Super


This is with reagrds to:


The selected "naada geethe" seems to have brought out the worst in all, the poet, the contetsting parties, the defending parties, the readers of this portal, the democaratically elected governament included.

That is exactly the purpose of a fine "naada geethe", isnt it?

Let us congratulate ourselves on our finest moment of success in choosing the song that strikes the perfect chord!

May I raise to the occassion and demand adding my just composed lines to the glorious "naada geethe"?

ಕಾರಂತ ಬೇಂದ್ರೆ ಮಾಸ್ತಿ

ಗಳಿಂದ ಗಳಿಸಿದ ಆಸ್ತಿ

ಕಾರ್ನಾಡ ಗೋಕಾಕ ಮೂರ್ತಿ

ಗಳಿಂದ ಬೆಳೆದಿದೆ ಆಸ್ತಿ

Note : Neither metric nor merit warrant inclusion of the ommitted name.

- Prabhu Murthy, Fremont, USA


Thats Kannada Bureau’s sole intention in its article "NaaDa gIthe maththu Mdhavacharya" was simply to discuss whether or not Sri. K. V. Puttappa included Sri Madhvacharya’s name in the song "Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Thanu Jaathe." It is just unwarranted and childish on the part of Tejaswi to go beyond the scope of this original discussion and criticize Sri. Madhvacharya using completely incorrect and baseless facts.

Although I am a proud and staunch follower of Sri. Madvacharya I would believe this song should certainly contain whatever Sri. Kuvempu intended or had penned. Just by including or excluding Sri Madhvacharya’s name in this state anthem would not make Sri Madhvacharya any big or small. After all he is known as Jagad Guru and not just a Karnataka guru. When a divinely eternal and an ancient Rigveda praises him in Balitha Suktha (as per tattva vaada translation), a song written by a mortal soul is very insignificant.

Interestingly Tejaswi says the most important reason (bahu muKhya kaaraNA) for his protest is because of Srimad Acharya’s anti-social teachings. He asks – "How can we daily remember the name of such an Acharya who considered shudras and dalits are destined for hells and they will never qualify for salvation. Don’t we have even that much self respect?"

Even a with simple glimpse at a lose translation of Sri. Madhvacharya’s history called "Sumdhava Vijaya" one would know that Srimad Acharya preached and practiced beyond mundane lives. First of all Sri. Madhvacharya’s classification of society was not at all based on one’s birth and it is based a soul’s intrinsic nature. Secondly, even when Sri Madhvacharya calls a soul as Shudra, he never said Shudra is destined to go to hell. In fact, he teaches ways to achieve salvation to all including Shudras. He and his followers like Sri Raghavendra Swamy go beyond walls of Hinduism walls and even offer prayers in Muslim palaces and houses.

Probably this is of little or no value to an atheist like Tejaswi who expects self-respect and does not know how to respect and live with other faiths. Whether or not government includes Karnataka’s gifted 13th century philosopher, this discussion certainly exposed the true and dirty nature of Tejaswi.

- Murthy Navarathna

Pennsylvania, USA



this has reference to nadageethe and its controversies. in my opinion, the state govt has unnecessarily broght this lime light to catch some votes. some body who has written some poem will certainly would not have read and understood the various philosopies. hence we should read that as a poem and forget it. however, any body else giving justification for not including is exposing his own level of knowledge and expertise in the relevant matter. even the author would not have perhaps made this kind of allegations against a saint

- Jairam Raghunatha Rao, City?


Dear Editor,

The comments made by Mr.Tejasvi s/o. Shri Kuvempu (hoping that its complete & thatskannda.com did not edit it) is highly unacceptable. I really do not understand how people make assumptions without getting into the details of what a specific philosophy is saying about. Acharya Shri Madhwa though categorized souls into 3 types, never said a specific sect or religion belongs to that type. It is he who propounded that external appearance doesnt proclaim the real quality (type) of a soul. Its not that easy to understand that concept & without knowing the very basics, Mr.Tejasvi went into making such comments.

I understand that ur paper just printed what he commented & in no way u or ur paper is connected to it. But still, I felt its my duty to condemn it.

I hope, by now, u would have received many mails condemning this. If u can print an article with the concerns of those who condemned the comments of Mr.Purnachandra Tejasvi, it would be great.


- Prasanna Krishna, City?


Dear Editor,

This Pu Chante yane Poornachandra Tejaswi has not even the minimum sense of requirement to read a darshanika and comment upon his teachings. He has not read either ashankara or ramanuja let alone Madhwa.Such puchantes are many many in karnataka and elsewhere.They are made by some senseless followers as big and important.Some have something to inherit.This attitude is one such.Well,it is better advice pucante to come for an open discussion with scholors of Madhwas philosophy so that he can atleast avoid being termed asbelonging to the category Ignorance is bliss. if he still wants to stick to his gun then Tamas is his loka to live.Forget him but not forgive.

- U.B Gururajacharya, City?


Dear Sir,

The whole controversy involving the exclusion of Madhwas name in the State Anthem is very unfortunate. Though the matter to be included / excluded in a poem is the poets prerogative, what pains everyone is the irresponsible comments made by Purnachandra Tejaswi on a Great philosopher and saint Madhwa. Madhwa the founder of Dwaita philosophy was a great thinker and undisputed scholar who laid the foundation for Bhakti pantha. Nowhere in his texts he mentions Shudras as Nitya narakis / Tamoyogya. On the contrary he has shown the Bhakti marga through which every human bieng regardless of Caste and creed can attain salvation. He was the source of inspiration for West Bengals Chaitanya cult also. The contributions of Madhwa towards Hindu philosophy cannot be underestimated by any sane human being.

Kannada litrature in particular was enriched by Great personalities like Sripadaraja , Vyasaraja , Puranaradasa , Raghavendra, Kanakadasa , Vijayadasa, Jagannathadasa who were the faithful followers of Madhwa. The DasaSahitya is a medium by itself which addresses and condemns the social evils like untouchability.

The very fact that Kanakadasa a kuruba who is one among the great Haridasas proves the fact that Madhwa never propagated shudras as Nityanarakis.

Purnachandra Tejaswi has misquoted Madhwa without even looking into his works. This has disturbed all the Madhwa followers and we strongly condemn his comments.

Bottomline : Not including Madhwas name in the State Anthem is least bothering as compared to the irresponsible comments thats been made and the needless controversy that has risen out of it.

- R Gururaj, Bangalore


Dear Editor,

The article on Nadu geethe is completely incorrect. This nadu geethe should have the name of Sri Madhwacharyaru. We are not that concerned about the name not included.

The damaging statement which is very distressful is that this article has wrong interpretation of Sri Madhwacharyaru. Please note that Sri Madhwacharyaru did not ever say that lower castes are thamo yogyas. With this in mind, make sure that you do not publish these kinds of articles that are blatent lies.

According to Sri Madhwacharyaru, it is the nature of the soul that is responsible for being satvika, rajasa or thamasa. A satvika soul can be born as a sudra and a thamasa jiva can be born in this world as a brahmana. A perfect example is Sri Kanaka dasaru.

Thank you,

- Bala Krishna, City?


Sham avarige Namaskara,

Government rarely makes wise decision! This time it seems they have done it with reference to Nadageethe. They have removed all controversial verses and selected few from the original poem for Nadageethe. Please publish the official version for the benefit of all those brave souls who argued for and against the Nadageethe. I hope this version will satisfy all.

Personally I feel "Udayavagali namma cheluva Kannada Nadau" by Huyilagola Narayana Rao should become Nadageethe. Jaya Bharatha jananiya is a very nice poem but in addition to Kanrnataka it refers to other great peopole from India such as Shankara, Ramanuja....I like both poems. No poem should be modified by other people other than the poet himself bcause it is purely expression of his thoughts in a creative way.

Jai Karnataka Mathe

- Suresh Ramachandra

Washinton DC


Dear Editor,

It does not matter if great Acharyas like Shankara and Ramanuja are included and acharya Madwa is not.What matters and angers the followers of Sriman Madwachaarya is the way son of Kumepu has commented.It shows his ignorance and lack of Vedanta.The followers of Sriman madwacharya are not foolish to follow the great acharya.It would serve in his interests if he appologize for commenting on our beloved acharya.

- Sri Madwesharpanamasthu, V.Prasanna Krishna



To the Editor :

It is utterly shameful and disgusting to note that a man of the stature of Poornachandra Tejaswi can make such baseless and blasphemous comments about a saint of whom he doesnt even know ! Only people who know about that great saint and have read his works and commentaries have the right to comment , not people who dont even want to know about him ! Tejaswi should have atleast respected the great saint , if not add his name to the naadageethe...

- Raghunandan J

Phoenix , Arizona


Dear Kannada Loving people,

As a regular reader of www.thatskannada.com I am disturbed with the recent bickering about the naadageethe issue. I would like to comment a few things about what Mr. PoornaChandra Thejasvi has mentioned. Although I am a avid fan of their writing the second point what they have mentioned seems to be entirely wrong.

Following shankara/madhwa/Ramanuja is a persons personal issue. Whatever they have mentioned seems to be different from the outside, but everything says only the good, otherwise there wouldnt have been so much people following that particular faith. THe issue should not be about shankara and ramanuja being from outside or madhwa being from karnataka, but it should be about finding a suitable song as naadageethe.. There are many other songs that mention and praise karnataka as equally as that of Kuvempus.

And Mr. Thejasvi should admit that whatever he said about the saint is his personal opinion and he should not generalize it. At the same time people should not take this oppurtunity to show that their acharya is better than others. All are different paths of enlightenment. If I follow one I do not have the right to impose the same on other person.

So being respected kannada people let us not blame each others in the name of acharyas and dilute the good willing among ourselves. Let is keep our faith, religional practice and other things at home and when we are outside let us be common proud kannada people. All saints are great and all ways lead to the same eternal truth. Let it be our personal opinion to follow or not to follow. The heads of religious institutions should propagate this view and try to improve the brotherhood among all kannada people belonging to all walks of life.

Remember to comment about either shankara or ramanuja or madhwa we should have read all their view points and should be in a position to judge what is good or bad. Let us not do something that causes fight among ourselves.

I hope the government of karnataka will resolve this issue by picking some other song as naadageethe.


- Ashwin, City?



kuvempuravara naadageeyheyalli badalavane maadi kaviya athmakke banga tarabedi,nimmage istailladiddare naada geetheyanne tiraskarisi

- Manjunath C.



Dear Editor,

I learn with great disgust the announcement from Karnataka Government through Muddukrishna that the disputed so called Nadageethe shall not be altered. What kind of democracy is this? It is worse than dictatorship. what do you expect from abmaniheena kannadigas. Karnataka is a mixture of telugu speaking Smarthas who hate Madhwas. These smarthas are so bigotted that Madhwa represents to them anti Shankara and anti telugu,even though the truth is otherwise. Iyengars are hung up on Ramanuja because they conceive that Madhwas are against Ramanuja and anti tamil, even though the truth is otherwise. Lingayats are totally against brahmins. So it has to be anti Madhwas. Vokkaligas is in between. They would rather align themselves with Christians and Muslims and are against everybody else. They have a guilty feeling about being called as Shudras. So they have to hate Madhwas. All these groups use Dalits to their advantage. Even meat eating so called Brahmins also would like to be spokespersons for Dalits. Yet not a single group mentioned above would like have a dalit son-in-law or a daughter-in-law. That is the hypocrisy among Kannadigas.

Karnataka is a state domiciled by all these and by Tamilians,Telugu,Malayalees and all sorts of North Indians who does care about Kannada.

Thyagaraja festivals are held regularly and Telugu is the principal language. If any Kannadiga dares to celebrate Purandharadasra festival in a large scale, either the attendance is low or put down as anti establishment. Kannada vachanas are unheard of in these katcheries because singing them is not "Madi".

Kuvempu who believed in Adwaithic Ramakrishna philosophy was so arrogant and critical about Madhwa pithadhipatis, has no real knowledge of Sriman Madhwacharya.

Kuvempu may be great scholar in Kannada but his knowledge of Vedanta is no comparison to great philosophers like Jayatheertha, Vyasatheertha, Vijeyendratheertha, Raghottama, Raghavendra theertha, Satyadhynatheertha, Vedantadeshika etc. Probably he is not even worth the value of these great peoples sandals.

Now Karnataka is ruled by Vokkaliga dominated government. The government ministers and their chelas have acquired great wealth thanks to the cut throat Muslims like Roshan Beg,Abdul Karim Telgi. These people would not mind selling Karnataka or India to the Middleeast Sheiks for a few dollars.

In the midst of all these this stupid,no value song which was collecting dust among the ever diminishing Kannadigas is brought out and heralded as "Nadageethe". I would like to ask "Yava Nadina Geethe?". Go and refurbish the derelict Kuvempu smaraka. I request Karnataka government to withdraw this song as it has permanently hurt lot of Kannadigas. Besides who wants Nadageethe when we have a Rashtrageethe. Karnataka government has no business to make a Nadageethe without consulting Kannadasahitya Parishat. Mr. Muddukrishna is a political henchman and we in America and Canada have known him as a forger of AKKA presidents signature than as an artist.

I give a clarion call to all Kannadigas to hold Dharana and satyagraha in Bangalore in protest and do not stop until the government withdraws this controversial order of thrusting this Kannada hurting Nadageethe onto the throats of Kannadigas.

Udayavagali Namma Cheluva Kannadanadu,

- Nagaraja Rao

Toronto, Canada



"Huchra Rajyabhara dhli Uoodavane Jaana"!

Without raising any voice "Guthama and Gina" stayed in the NADAGEETHE.

Madhawas lost out big times and dragged Shankar, Ramanuja along with them.

This is sending a clear message to all Brahmins that they need to be united to get a powerful lobby to win such Social issues.

- Krishnamurthy Jois, Virginia


K.P. Poornachandra Tejaswi,

I have not read any of your writings in my life. I do think I will be also. But, I wish to comment on your work. What ever you write is so bad, distastefull and yakkk. Sorry to say this but it stinks.

So, Sir how was it! This is the same feeling we also have. Not reading and commenting!! How dare you. Mind your manners..

God should only save you



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English summary
Controversy over Karnataka State anthem. Debate part 3. The anthem a poetical rendering by Jnanapheeta Award winner Kuvempu has omitted reference to sri Madvacharya. Followers of Madhwa philosophy are up in arms against Tejasvi, Kuvempus poetry and Government of Karnataka
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