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‘ಬರಹ 6.0’ : ವಾಸು ಹೊಸ ಬರಹ !

By Staff

Sheshadrivasu ChandrasekharanDear friends,

Baraha - which means writing in Kannada, is an Indian language software that converts Indian language text written in English to the respective scripts. The first version of Baraha was released in 1998, with an objective to provide free, easy to use Kannada software, to enable even non - computer experts, to use Kannada in computers. Later, Devanagari script was introduced thereby enabling Hindi, Marathi & Sanskrit users. Today, hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations around the world are successfully using Baraha for publications, sending emails and creating websites. Recent statistics show that every month, Baraha is used more than a million times! Now, the latest version Baraha 6.0 supports Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam scripts. It will be a great pleasure if the enthusiasts from Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam speaking community enjoy using Baraha as well.

Baraha was made free software in order to motivate people to communicate in Indian languages on computers. We believe that only such an easy to use, quality, free Indian language software can jump-start the extensive usage of Indian languages on computers, which today is dominated by English. Baraha can be freely downloaded from the Internet and can be distributed to others.

Baraha LogoBaraha works on all the Windows operating systems such as Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP. The latest version works seamlessly in the newer Unicode based operating systems such as Windows XP. Baraha has a very rich feature set. Indian language text can be copied and pasted in various formats between Baraha and other applications. "Baraha Direct" is another useful tool that enables users to type Indian language text directly into other applications such as MS Word. On Windows XP, Baraha Direct can be used to type Unicode text and avoid using other cumbersome keyboard layouts. The "script override" feature converts text in one Indian language script to another, which can be effectively used for learning new scripts. Baraha can sort the Indian language text in the alphabetical order specific to the language.

The biggest challange for use of Indian languages is the keyboard. Today, there exist many different keyboard layouts for typing Indian languages. Many such layouts are based on the earlier typewriter designs which are not at all relevent for the intelligent computers. It is very difficult and confusing for a common user, who most of the time uses the English keyboard, to switch to one such keyboard for quickly typing an email in Kannada or Hindi. Baraha breaks the keyboard barrier for Indian languages by using a transliteration scheme in which any Indian language word can be typed using the standard English keyboard. Baraha user doesnt feel any dis-comfort when he switches between typing Indian language text and English. In fact, writing in Baraha is as simple and easy as writing our names in English!

Baraha breaks the barrier between ANSI and Unicode. Many Indian language software were created based on True Type fonts (ANSI encoding) long before Microsoft re-introduced them using Open Type fonts (Unicode encoding). Using Baraha, one can effortlessly convert text between ANSI and Unicode. For example, there are a lot of Tamil documents that are created using True Type fonts based on TSCII - which is a popular standard for Tamil. These documents can be converted to Unicode with a few keystrokes! Similarly, when a user on Windows 98 - that doesnt support Unicode, receives a Hindi email in Unicode, he can convert it to ANSI and read it.

Baraha breaks the script barrier between different Indian languages. All the Indian scripts are derived from the Brahmi script, which is also the underlying concept in Baraha. Baraha uses a common code-set for representing all the Indian languages. So, it is possible to convert text from one script to another. For example, lets say a Malayalam user who understands Hindi language receives a Hindi email. If the user is not fluent in reading Devanagari script, then he can convert the email to Malayalam script and read it.

One of the main objectives of Baraha is "portability of data". Baraha can export the data in various data formats such as ANSI text, Unicode text, RTF, HTML. User can convert documents to Unicode format by a few clicks of mouse, which means the documents that are created in Baraha, stay relevant in the future and will never become obsolete.

Please visit www.baraha.com website for the software and other information.

Key Features of Baraha:

  • Easy to use Transliteration scheme. Type in English characters and get Indian language scripts on the fly. No learning curve for typing required! Needs the know-how of the English keyboard only.
  • Supports Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages. It can also be used for Kashmiri, Konkani, Nepali, Tulu, and Sindhi languages.
  • Baraha Direct supports typing Indian language ANSI text into any Windows application, which lets you select the Baraha fonts. Baraha TrueType fonts are compatible with MS-Word.
  • Baraha Direct supports typing Indian language Unicode text into any windows applications that support Unicode.
  • Baraha Direct allows conversion of one Indian language text to another in other applications.
  • Baraha Direct allows sorting of Indian language text in other applications.
  • Baraha Direct allows conversion of Indian language text between ANSI and Unicode data.
  • Supports Ka Ga Pa Keyboard - the standard keyboard for Kannada language proposed by the Karnataka Govt.
  • Supports Standard Kannada Fonts proposed by the Karnataka Govt. You can use Kannada fonts from other vendors - which conform to the standard, in Baraha and vice versa.
  • Supports TSCII 1.7 based fonts for Tamil script. Other TSCII 1.7 based Tamil fonts can be used in Baraha. See...
  • Useful for publishing, e-mailing, web sites in Indian languages.
  • The Indian language text in various formats such as Text, RTF, Unicode, HTML, can be copied and pasted from other applications into Baraha and vice versa.
  • Script Override feature enables converting Indian language text from one script to another. This feature can be effectively used for learning one script from another.
  • Supports data conversion between various formats including Unicode.
  • Supports sorting in Indian language alphabetical order.
  • Supports exporting text as Text, RTF, Unicode, HTML documents, and as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCX picture files.

Send your queries/comments/suggestions regarding Baraha to the following address.

- Sheshadrivasu Chandrasekharan

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