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By Staff

Greetings and the message from Dr. Kudur Murali

Dr. Kudur Murali, AKKA PresidentThe Orlando AKKA conference, our third, was a roaring success, bringing us even closer and strengthening our ties. We now know many members of Srigandha by names, persons and distinguishing talents. A well-knit North American Kannada community is swiftly and surely cohering, doubtless a harbinger of many future conferences and intimate cultural, humanistic and economic ties with Karnataka. From Phoenix to Houston to Detroit to Orlando a continually growing bond between Kannadiga artists and their North American fans is not only effacing the geographic distance between the two lands, but is also making the connection intimate and personal. Such cultural connections, in today’s world, can quickly translate into economic ones, yielding the most desirable results. Here, we may recall our honorable consulate general’s lament about the dismal state of primary education in our motherland. The possibilities of our still young AKKA are mind-boggling. This is an exciting time for AKKA, and the very air at the Orlando conference was electrifying.

Srigandha is replete with creative members. Just the parade of kootas was evidence enough. The flower vendors, trinket vendors, traditional baginas, the ratha in the front, costumes remembering political and historical legends and many other details made it a most impressive sight. Our audience was transported. And what shall I say about the quality of the entertainment!!!

Each piece surpassed the other! The celebration of folk and other forms of music, along with C.R.Simha’s Rashtrakavi Kuvempu, made Friday evening very nostalgic. Saturday morning’s Panchali in the Yakshagana style and the evening’s Kathak performance and Hasyothsava stood out. We may also proudly recall S.P.Balasubramanyam’s observation that Kannadigas have always been the kindest to him. The plays and dance numbers gracing the main stage during the afternoons were of the highest quality. Parallel events of hasyothsava, kavigoshti, music marathon, youth and business seminars made this a very enriching conference. What is more, we also got to watch critically acclaimed Kannada movies for the very first time at a conference.

Sunday night’s banquet had AKKA straddling East and the West when Miss AKKA was voted in from among a bevy of young Kannadiga beauties. She will represent AKKA along with the elected officials. This bit of glamour was introduced by Supriya Desai, and our hearty thanks to her. Every hour of nearly three days was charged with expectation and excitement. And the food! Each meal tasted as if a connoisseur had lovingly prepared it for a small private party. Getting about Gaylord Palms, a beautiful and almost self-contained resort, teeming with Indians speaking but one tongue, and that ours, Kannada, was an unforgettable experience. Srigandhites are very warm and hospitable. Although some of us were a bit worried about hurricane Francis and flew into! Orlando well before it approached, our fears were allayed by the fact that Gaylord Palms has a shelter for just such nature’s wraths and also that locals were taking shelter there, we were quite blas矡bout the whole thing. The conference went on smoothly as if nothing was out there, or coming. Our hearts go out to the Floridians effected by her.

Mr. Shyamsundar, of thatskannada.com, gave the conference a detailed and vivid coverage to take it into the homes of those Kannadigas unable to attend the conference for a variety of reasons. AKKA thanks him. I am very pleased with the fact that the board was able to meet face-to-face and discuss about AKKA’s future direction. Such personal meetings go a long way in finding a meeting ground to accomplish things. State leaders have frequently noticed that an informal and personal meeting paves the way for a lot of give-and-take. The organization is strong, uni! ted and full of possibilities today because of the efforts of our past president Mr. Amarnath Gowda, outgoing secretary Dr. Vishwamitra, treasurer Mr. Krishnamurthy and Mr. Seetharamiah. We have to continue in their footsteps to ensure that AKKA unites all the North American kootas under its umbrella to become a formidable sangama of Karnataka and her expatriate children. You will hear from me soon.

-Kudur Murali, kudurmurali@yahoo.com

AKKA President.

ಮುಖಪುಟ / ಎನ್‌ಆರ್‌ಐ

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