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By Staff

Sahitya Goshti is a group to Promote Pure Literary Interests in Kannada. The group operates from North California. The Goshti organizes Kannada literature oriented discussions and lectures on a regular basis. The members are avid readers, proactive and enthusiastic.

The group has successfully completed one year of fruitful Kannada activity. Encouraged by the response, the group has embarked to organize ambitious programs in the current year. Apart from regular features now Goshti is introducing Kannada Mobile Library for the benefit Kannada books loving community in North California.

Vishwanath Hulikal the founder and inspiration behind this group has something to say about Mobile library. The concept, support, guidelines and list of Books. Calif Kannadigas are invited to make best use of the library. You are invited to donate books too!

We will be happy to publish and encourage utility features of this kind IN YOUR YARD TOO! Feel free to write to us.

A Letter from Sahitya Goshti

1) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I am pleased to announce that Sahitya Goshti is all set to start its own Kannada Mobile Library very shortly. This has been possible by the generous donation of 14 Kannada books by our member Sri Ravi Krishna Reddy. I am really lost for words to express my sincere gratitude to him for making this happen. Thank you very much Ravi Reddy; this will go a long way in cultivating and nurturing pure literary interests in our members.

2) RULES OF THE LIBRARY: Sahitya Goshtis charter is to promote reading, writing and public-speaking about Kannada literature. Our newly formed library will only strengthen our mission. In order to effectively use our resources, promote reading and discourage negligent tendencies, the following rules have been formed to run the library:
1. The Librarian will bring the books to all of our programs and do the transactions.
2. Each member can borrow only one book at a time, owing to limited number of books we have now.
3. The book is free of rental charges and is expected back in the next program. You have about a month to read it.
4. If the member does not return the book on the due date, they will be charged at the rate of $5 per month per book towards late charges. Although every effort month, in the event that it cant be held in a particular month, the member will not be charged late charges for that month.
5. If the member fails to return the book or if the book is lost, he/she will be charged $10 to recover the cost of the book; this is in addition to all the late charges he/she has accumulated so far at the rate of $5 per month per book. Every effort will be made to buy the book from Karnataka and replenish the lost book. 6. Books are expected back in the same condition.
There may be a book-abuse charge, if the book is returned in a pitiable condition! Sahitya Goshti
reserves the right to revoke the book borrowing privileges to anyone who is abusing the library services.
7. In order to borrow the Library book, each member has to deposit $20 (refundable) by means of a personal check. This check will only be cashed if there is a late charge ($5 per book per month), book-abuse charge, or the book is lost. The deposited check will be returned to you, if you do not owe any dues and want to stop using our Library services. 8. Our member can renew the book (only once), provided nobody expresses interest to borrow the same.
9. As long as the member returns the book in the same condition by the due date, he enjoys the Library service totally free of cost.

    A. Novels:
    1. Gramaayana - Rao Bahaddur
    2. Shivarama Karanthara sahitya shreni - samputa 2
    (Vichitra kuta, Bhuta, Nirbhagya Janma and Devadutaru)
    3. Shivarama Karanthara sahitya shreni - samputa 3
    (Chomana Dudi, Sarasammana Samadhi, Bettada Jiva and
    Hettala Tayi)
    4. Shivarama Karanthara sahitya shreni - samputa 4
    (Marali Mannige)
    5. Shivarama Karanthara sahitya shreni - samputa 5
    (Audaryada Urulalli)
    6. Shivarama Karanthara sahitya shreni - samputa 6
    (Mugida Yuddha, Moga Padeda Mana)
    7. Shikari - Yashavantha Chittala
    8. Durgastamana - taraasu
    9. Hejje - Vyasaraya Ballala
    10. Jugari Cross - Poornachandra Tejaswi
    11. Bharatipura - U R Anantha Maurthy

    B. Short Stories:
    1. Devanuru Mahadev avarua kritigalu
    2. 51 kategalu - Yashwantha Chittala

    C. Drama:
    1. Taledamda - Girish Karnad

    I am looking for a dedicated volunteer who attends our program on a regular basis to shoulder the responsibility of Librarian. If you are interested, please contact me at (408) 343-3900.
    We hope to start this Library in June or July 2003.

Thanks a lot.

Vishvanath Hulikal

Visit : Sahithya Goshti online

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