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By Super

Hello Sham,

Whatever you have written in your portal is wrong about Kuvempu Samagra Kavya.

Dr. K. V. Narayana, Registrar of Kannada University has to be careful before making comments. When he does not know the facts he should not make comments. I am copying this email to Dr. K. V. Narayana also for his reference.

AKKA President Mr. H. S. Jayaswamy wrote a letter to then Vice Chancellor Dr. Kalburgi stating that AKKA will take the responsibility for collection of funds. I was only asked by Mr. H. S. Jayaswamy to take the lead in collecting the money for Kuvempu Samagra Kavya. When these things were just happening in AKKA, things started to go haywire in AKKA in October 2000.

AKKA is responsible to collect the money for Kuvempu Samagra Kavya.

(1). Music Director check Issued by Mr. H. S. Jayaswamy, Mrs. Renuka Ramappa and Mtrs. Supriya Desai in October 2000 and its problems.

(2) In June and July 2002, Problems with Mr. Y. K. Muddukrishna coming to the conference. And so many issue in AKKA.

It is the responsibility of AKKA President to lead AKKA. They are responsible for all the things in AKKA.Then AKKA President Amarnath Gowda have made statements to this effect. I have copies of these with me.

The same article also came in 2002 in www.chitraloka.com article during Detroit Kannada Conference time. It is not true what they are writing. They do not know the facts. No one has collected any money and swallowed as it says in the article. They only did that article to write against me and forced Mr. K. V. Narayan to issue a press statement.

The money whatever it was collected for KUVEMPU SAMAGRA KAVYA is deposited into AKKA account. All checks were requested to made payable to AKKA. No one has written any checks in anyones personal name. AKKA Treasurer M. Krishnamurthy should know how much money was collected for Kuvempu Samagra Kavya. AKKA Treasurer Mrs. Supriya Desai knows about this. She handed over all the accounts to AKKA Treasurer M. Krishnamurthy. Dr. K. V. Narayana issued a press statement in 2002 during Detroit Kannada Conference time. I know how this Press conference happened in Bangalore. This happened because of Mr. Y. K. Muddukrishna and Mr. Appagere Thimmaraju. Kannadigas in USA started protesting against Mr. Muddukrishna not to be invited for 2002 AKKA KANANDA CONFERENCE. I have all email correspondences with respect to these. This happened during July 2002. AKKA President and CONVENOR had released the PRESS RELEASE of JULY 18th, 2002 only to www.chitraloka.com and www.thatskannada.com.

Look at the article of www.chitraloka.com when it came. IT CAME IN JULY 2002. At that time I have written several emails to K. M. Veeresh regarding AKKA and Mr. Y. K. Muddukrishna at this time. We had long talk on the phone also. I have all of those emails if it is needed in future. Mr. APPAGERE THIMMARAJU is Syndicate Member of Kannada University in Hampi. That is why this article has come about.

Mr. H. S. Jayaswamy had issued a letter to Kannada University, Hampi regarding this, recommending my name and making me in charge to collect the money under the name of AKKA and deposit into AKKA account.

You know KUVEMPU SAMGRA KAVYA was released at WMKC -2000. After this you know what went on between AKKA and WMKC 2000. Then AKKA Vice-President resigned and things went haywire regarding Aswaths cheque.

Eventhough I was made responsible to collect, Jayaswamy started telling people that he is collecting money for KUVEMPU for AKKA. Actually he started to collect money to pay for ASWATHs cheque. This created lot of misunderstanding in AKKA and then I did not make any effort to collect the money. Things were not going perfect for AKKA.

There was not much collection happened in AKKA for KUVEMPU SAMGRA KAVYA because there were lot of misunderstandings within AKKA. I do not have to explain you now. I have 300 emails regarding these things. How one can make effort to collect in AKKA using AKKAs Letterhead when things are going haywire in AKKA.

I made effort to collect money in between in AKKA and things within AKKA took a different turn. Then I did not concentrate on it.

In 2001 AKKA President Amarnath Gowda took charge of AKKA and started directing people in AKKA what to do. AKKA President started acting unilateral without telling anyone in AKKA Board and making decisions by himself.

AKKA President Amarnath Gowda met the Kannada University people in Bangalore in 2001. He has told them that he will responsible for this with Kannada University from now on words. At that time also I was making efforts to collect money for KUVEMPU SAMGRA KAVYA. Here is the email dated 05-17-2001 from AKKA President to me. AKKA President started directing the activities that I was doing on behalf of AKKA. I did not receive any letter or email from AKKA President regarding this subject of collecting money.

AKKA President gave a statement in Bangalore that money was already paid. It came in Deccan Herald interview of AKKA President Amarnath Gowda. I have the copy of this interview.

So you have written an article about this now. I know why you are doing this now. You have received all of my emails regarding this. I have copies of them in my file.

So if you need more information you let me know. I keep copies of all things. I have the letter written by Mr. H. S. Jayaswamy to Dr. Kalburgi. All 27 Presidents of AKKA Member Kannada Kootas who are AKKA Directors have received the copies of these correspondences.

All of this is for your information and rebuttal to your article published in your Kannada Portal.



V. M. Kumaraswamy

Oct 14, 2003

English summary
University - Publication - Sponsorship issues. Kannada university Hampi is yet to receive sponsorship promise money to the publication of volumes on kuvempus poetry. The promise was made by AKKA. A rebuttal and clarification statement to thatskannada article about unkept promises by V.M. Kumara Swamy, who was in the thick of things.
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