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ಭಿನ್ನಮತೀಯರ ಧ್ವಜಾರೋಹಣ

By Staff
Swearing in Cermony of Newly Elected AKKA - Board

and Newly Elected AKKA Executives

May 11th, 2003

Background History.
(AKKA - A road towards progress)

V.M. Kumara SwamyAssociation of Kannada Kootas also known as AKKA was conceived by well meaning of nine members in 1998 as a result of the Phoenix - AZ convention. Unfortunately the subsequent conventions only created more confusion and chaos leading to frustration, disappointment and helplessness by the Presidents of member organizations of AKKA. Further looking into the status of AKKA it was reveled that the AKKA was not working based on any approved and adopted constitution but on the whims and fancy of individuals. Presidents of the member organizations did not have any voice in running the organization.

Since Aug 2002, Mr H.S. Aswathanarayana spoke to Presidents of Kannada Kootas of America and made an effort to bring them together. In the teleconference meeting held on Oct 27th 2002 about 24 Presidents came together and voiced the same concern of their lack of voice in running the organization. Unanimously they agreed to form a constitution committee to redraft the constitution for AKKA and adopt one. A constitution committee was formed. It is worth noting in the history of AKKA, Oct 27th 2002 was the first time that the Presidents of the member organization came together to voice their concern and act together.

Later a constitution was adopted for AKKA on March 2nd 2003 and directed the adhoc Committee to hold the elections as per the adopted constitution dated March 2nd 2003 failure of which they indicated that they would conduct elections and form the Executive Committee.

On April 20th 2003 they once again met and decided to hold the elections. The result to be announced by May 6th. A team of Election Commissioners were appointed and elections were held and the candidates were elected unopposed. As per any democratic process the opportunity was given to all the Presidents to nominate the candidates from their respective organizations. Chairman and vice Chairman were also elected.

On May 1st 2003 elections results were announced and the candidates were sworn in on Mothers Day dated May 11th 2003.

It is worth noting that the Presidents of Kannada Kootas who were never contacted by AKKA executives since its inception started calling showing all interest in them. This was very much voiced by many present and past Presidents of the Member Organizations.

The following Presidents attended and some were excused for the following.


(b) Swearing cermony of newly elected Chairman , Vice-Chairman of AKKA Board and AKKA Executive Committee for 2003-2005 on May 11th, 2003 by Teleconference meeting.


President: Dr.Subbanna Jayaprakash of Milana Kannda Koota of Milwaukee,
President: Ravi Casuba of New York Kannada Koota
President: Mr. B. Nagaraj of Karnataka Cultural Association of Southern California
President: Sanjay S. Rao of Kaveri Kannada Association of Maryland,
President: Shiv Prasad of MANADAARA New England Kannada Koota
President: Sim Murthy of Kannada Sangha of Toranto, Canada
President: Bellur Krishnamurthy of Kannada Koota of Montreal, Canada,
President: N.S. Vatsa Kumar of Kannada Vrinda of Houston
President: Hanasoge Aswathnarayana of TRIVENI, Kannada Association of Delaware Valley,
President: Saraswathi Chenpati of SANGAMA of Pittsburg,
President: Panduranga Kulkarni, Mallige Kannada Balaga of Indianpolis
President: Mr K.S. Shankar of Austin Kannada Sangha ,
President: Prasad Shastry of Mysore Mallige Kannada Koota of Midwest

The following Presidents who supported were excused from the meeting by Dr. Subbanna Jayaprakash for personal reasons:

President: Mrs. Shobha Rao, Kannada Balaga of Oklahoma
President: Dr. H. N. Ramaswamy of NRUPATHUNGA Kannada Koota of Georgia
President: Ramya Rajashekar of KASTURI Kannada Association of North East, Ohio,
President: Prasad Kashyap of SAMPIGE Triangle Association of North Carolina

The oath of office was administered by Mr. Nick Shenoy, Chief Election Officer.

First he administered the oath to Chairman Dr. Subbanna Jayaprakash and then to Vice Chairman Mr. Sim Murthy.

Next Mr. Nick Shenoy administered the oath of office to elected AKKA Executives.

The following AKKA Executives took oath office on May 11th, 2003.

Mr V.M. Kumaraswamy, President
Mr N.S. Vatsa Kumar, Exe Vice President
Dr Chandrakant Bilgi, VP - Cultural Affairs
Mr Manju Kuppa, VP - Youth Affairs
Prof Dr. Vamana Rao, VP - Financial Affairs
Mr Ravi Casuba, VP - Endowment Funds
Dr S. Narasinga Rao, Treasurer
Mr Satyan R. Kalyandurg, General Secretary
Mr Laxminarayana Ganapathi, Joint Secretary

Dr Jayanthi Ravikumar, VP - Communications - She took the oath of office after the meeting on the same day. It was administered by Dr. Subbanna Jayaprakash through a teleconference call along with AKKA President V. M. Kumaraswamy and Hanasoge Aswathnarayana.

The following AKKA Executives will be taking Oath of office at a latter date and it will be administered by President V. M. Kumaraswamy

Mr Pappur Shankar, VP - Community Affairs
Dr Rama Bhat, Joint Treasurer

Subbanna Jayaprakash, MD, FRCS
Chairman, Board Of Directors, AKKA

ಮುಖಪುಟ / ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯ ಸೊಗಡು

ಕನ್ನಡ ಮ್ಯಾಟ್ರಿಮೋನಿಯಲ್ಲಿ - ಉಚಿತ ನೋಂದಣಿ !

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