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‘ಸ್ವರ್ಣಸೇತು’ವಿನ ಅನಾವರಣ

By Staff

This is unconstitutional and damaging to AKKA- Amarnath Gowda, PresidentDear Kannada Koota presidents,

It has come to the notice of AKKA that Mr. Aswathnarayana Hanasoge, President of Triveni Kannada Sanga, has sent a notice of elections for the executive of AKKA.

AKKA has not authorized Mr. Aswathnarayana to act or represent AKKA in any capacity. His actions are out side the perview of AKKA and he is using the name of AKKA for his independent activities. I request all of you not to be misled by his actions. He has stated in his letter that the presidents of the member organizations are holding elections in AKKA. According to AKKA constitution the presidents of the member organization cannot act independently to hold elections in AKKA. AKKA is a body consisting of more than 250 dues paying general members and 26 charter Kannada Kootas. They together send 21 directors for the board, which in turn elects the executive of AKKA. The executive body of the AKKA subject to board approval is the only authorized body that can call the elections. Please refer to the constitution at akkaonline.org Mr. Aswathnarayana also has stated that the member Kannda Kootas have issued a directive to AKKA to hold election. Nine Kannda Kootas have approved of his actions in a meeting called by him. This is totally an independent activity done by him at this own initiative and as such that body cannot issue a directive to AKKA , according to the constitution.

Several of his allegations are false and baseless and its personal vendetta. The Board of AKKA went through the financial report and audit during its meeting held on April 9 and approved the financial report by a majority vote. (For the first time not only the financials were audited by an independent outside audit firm, this was also reviewed and approved by various committees of the Detroit conference). All the dissent and allegations were discussed to satisfaction of the majority of board.

According to the present constitution AKKA has to fill four positions of directors, who are completing their term. Mr .Vishweshwara Dixit of southern California, has been nominated as the election commissioner to set this process in motion. The Byelaw committee is meeting to come up with amendments to include all Kannda Kootas at policy making level, following which the elections to the executive will be conducted according to the amended and ratified constitution.
AKKA board along with the presidents of all the Kannda Kootas met on March 9 and has authorized the Bye-Law committee headed by Dr. Keshava Babu, of Florida to come up with amendments to the constitution to include all the Kannda Kootas of North America at the policy making level in AKKA. The Byelaw committee is meeting in Chicago in person on May 3 to address this issue and come up with recommendations. The committee will also have a hearing at this session. It will consider all the suggestions that have been come up so far including an approved draft from the presidents of some Kannda Kootas. The Byelaw committee welcomes suggestions to this process from all Kannadigas. They can send their suggestions to akkashasana@yahoo.com I request AKKA member Kannada Kootas not to be misled by the independent initiative of Mr. Ashwathnarayana and using the name of AKKA for all of his personal agenda activities. I would also like to instruct Mr. Aswathnarayana to cease and desist from using the name of AKKA for all of his activities. This is unconstitutional and damaging to AKKA. It is also dividing the Kannada community of North America.

I request all the presidents of Kannda Kootas to understand the origin and the growing pains of AKKA. Our organization has brought the synergy among the Kannadigas in North America. This is your organization and with the newly revised constitution, which includes all the Kannda Kootas at policymaking level, we will be stronger and growth oriented, to continue to the work of Kannada and its culture. Please do not act in any way that will lead to the division of Kannadigas who have come together at the national level through the organization of AKKA.

Amaranth Gowda
President, AKKA
April 26 2003

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