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By Staff

Urgent : Help Manjunath KalmaniUrgent help needed - Appeal to Indian Community

Message from Basavaraj Mudenur

Friend of us Mr. Manjunath Kalmani (Manju) who is from Karnataka, India met with a severe accident on 1st May, 2002 at 2.00 AM (approx.) on his way back to his home in Atlanta, GA from Nashville, TN. The accident was so severe that even after 29 days passed, he is still in Intensive Care Unit.

As per the doctors and what we have seen personally after visiting him last week at Shepherd Rehabilitation Center Atlanta GA, it is very sorrow full event. Just to give you the over view of severity, His Spinal Cord is severely injured such that he will never be able to walk, sit without any support, he has to be on wheel chair for rest of his entire life. Spinal card injury is of type C4-C5, he lost communication between head and rest of his body. Apart from this to worsen the situation he went through Brain Stroke last week. So doctor has to go through another operation. His respiratory system is not functioning well, so doctors have put him on External Breathing aid with ventilation system and Manju is continued to be on external oxygen system until he gets normal. His Two legs are fractured his entire body below the Neck is paralyzed and he can not sense any of his body parts even when we rub them.

Why Manju needs financial Help?

Manju came to USA to work on H1B visa. Due to economy down turn, his company (was employed with weather.com as software engineer) laid-off many people and he was one among who received pink slip. He was desperately looking for a job and didnt get one. Since he was not getting paid for past few months he couldnt enroll in any medical insurance, COBRA or any. This made situation worst, when he met with a severe accident. So finally government, well wishers and various social organizations made arrangement for his present hefty hospital expenditures. Due to the fact that he was not employed anywhere, he is not entitled to any disability insurance. This teaches a lesson to every one of us that when you are on H1B, never take a chance of staying here in USA without medical insurance.

We also waived option of taking Manju to India As Is situation but his health conditions, hospital authority, airline limitations and cost of air lifting him to India prevented us from doing so. It is also very difficult to bring his family from India. In Vanderbilt hospital Nashville, TN he was treated and then shifted to Shepherd Rehabilitation Center Atlanta, GA for further treatment and rehabilitation. This rehabilitation services will be offered 9 weeks, after that he has to be shifted to his home in Atlanta. For his apartment Rent, medical treatment, hospital visits, transportation (wheel chair liftable vehicle), prescription and personnel care it is expected that approximately 5000$/month is needed until he can operate powered wheel chair on his own. Manju doesnt have any means of income to support him self all these expenses when he has to stay in USA for next 6-8 months for treatment.

So we thought reaching out friends, family, community for seeking any help. We request all friends to donate generously and Discuss this issue with family, friends, colleagues and collect some contributions from your local community and send it to:

Where to send Donations:

Send a Check/Money Order If you want to Direct Deposit: Please Visit Manju at:
Manjunath Kalmani,

817 Gwinnett Square Circle

Duluth, GA. 30096
Ph: 770-449-6592

Manjunath Kalmani,

Routing Number: 061000052

Account Number: 003276017011

Bank: Bank of America

ICU, Shepherd Center

2020 Peachtree Road

Atlanta, GA 30309

We appreciate your time and help in need. If we dont who will? Please Pass it to all community members and pool the resources.

How to Help:

  • Visit Manju if you are in and around Atlanta GA to give moral support. It will be great since his family is not in USA
  • Make generous Donations
  • Direct resources and attention of social organizations who can help
  • Collect $$ from your local Indian community, Family/Friends and send it to Manju
  • Sponsorship for wheel chair which costs approximately 20k$
  • Donate your time
  • If you have habit of collecting pennies and changes it will be best way to donate for the cause
  • Arrange any charity event in your local community to raise Money
  • Need More Info:

    Shepherd Center http://www.shepherd.org

    Basavaraj Mudenur E-mail: helpmanju@yahoo.com

    Rudrappa Devarashetty E-mail: helpmanju@yahoo.com

    Raj D N E-mail: helpmanju@yahoo.com

    ಕನ್ನಡ ಮ್ಯಾಟ್ರಿಮೋನಿಯಲ್ಲಿ - ಉಚಿತ ನೋಂದಣಿ !

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