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By Super

To whom do I ask this question to? Do I ask the Chief Minister of Karnataka Sri S.M Krishna? Or do I, ask Karnatakas Political ring who are ruling this state?? Or do I ask People of Karnataka? Or do I ask Myself..

Yes, I definitely feel so. I know that many of you would get annoyed with this answer. But the tragedy is that this is true. To the world Bangalore is know as Silicon Valley of Asia and is also known as a fastest growing city in Asia.. But lets just try to look on the other side of this Growth.

Is this Growth a boon to Kannadigas or a curse to Kannadigas. I have been working in Information Technology industry for nearly 6 years now. In these years, I had oppurtunity in working for many companies. Believe me none of these companies which I worked for had more than 10% of the staff who are Kannadigas. Is it that Kannadigas are not fit to work in IT Industry or IT related industries?? Is it that Kannadigas are not intelligent and smart enough to work in these industries??. Well some times I feel so. Or else why would a company ( for which I was working) takes pain of going all the way to Trivandrum, conduct Campus interview and recruits fresh graduates and get them to Bangalore. Bangalore is supposed to have more than 100 Plus Engineering colleges and I think that more than 15 thousand students from Karnataka pass out engineering every year. Arent these students fit enough to get a job in Bangalore (Karnataka)??

At my work place I have to search for people who can speak kannada. Isnt this an unfortunate situation? Do we have to search for our fellow men in our own land?? Coming out of the office, I went to a juice shop and asked him for a mango juice in Kanada, the guy replied back to me in English :. I asked him as to whether he know Kannada, he smiled at me and said, that he knows Hindi, English, Malayalam, and Tamil but not Kannada. This made me realize that not only this is the scene in Information Technology industry but also out side this industry.

There are about 300 Recognized IT firms in Bangalore, but it is sad to note that very few companies are headed by kannadaigas like InfosyssNarayana Murthy, Phoenix Suresh Bangalore. This means that not only Kannadigas are unfit workers but also are not fit to head companies.

I was transferred to Chennai from my previous company.To my surprise people were conducting technical discussions in Tamil. When I went told a colleague about this, he told me that not only the technical discussions were held in Tamil.. but technical interview were also held in Tamil.

I happen to go to Tidal Park at Chennai; to my surprise I was able to hear traces of English, Hind. Or else it was totally Tamil. I also heard that same is the case in Technology Park at Trivandrum where u get to hear only Malayalam. Moment u enter International Technology Park Bangalore, you can find security at the gate speaking to you in English. When u try to speak to him in Kannada, he will answer you back him Hindi. Ask him where he is from, with a broad smile, showing all his teeth he says from U.P.

As such Kannada is not one of the official language in the technology park. Other south Indian languages along with Hindi and English are recognized as official language here :).I was told by some one that Industrial and Labor rules, emphasis that industries and establishment setup in a region should give prominence to the Local inhabitants. At least 60 % of the work force should be filled by local people depending upon the availability of the skill. Are our people so unskilled that companies find unsuitable to hire them. Cant we make up to at least half this mark???

I happen to get a Chain mail some days back. And in that mail it was stated that 37% were kannadigas or people who speak kannada in Bangalore.. Dont you know this that we should bid for minority status. There is this famous FM Radio Station in Bangalore called Radio City Bangalore, I got to learn that only two of the RJs know kannada. Isnt it a shame, that the people who present programs in this region are not from this region and wont know the local language?

Dont you all feel that at this phase Kannada would enter into the book of extinct languages? Dont you feel that we all would have identity crisis? Dont you think that our own Future generations would suffer? When a country like United State of America can take step to safe guard the interest of its people by reducing H1B Visas and scrapping L1s , doesnt our state politicians bear a responsibility on their shoulders to safe guard the Interests of the people of Karnataka?? Isnt there a need for Govt. of Karnataka to impose some kind of restrictions on the recruitment policies in order to safeguard Kannadigas??

ಕನ್ನಡ ಮ್ಯಾಟ್ರಿಮೋನಿಯಲ್ಲಿ - ಉಚಿತ ನೋಂದಣಿ !

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